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Fashion History Database- Content Rich Hundreds of Exclusive Stories and Interviews Since 2006 miniMadMOD 60s, a group of dedicated Industry Insiders, has been quietly archiving the great fashion professionals and their published work history from the 1950s to the 1980s. Emphasis is placed on the correct identification of the models, photographers, publications, dates and fashion…

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      IWTB Interview: Linda Morand By Heather Dunhill A mod sartorial shift was in the air during the Sixties, a convergence of high fashion with the Space Age Super Chick, and as one of the supermodels of the decade, Linda Morand had the instantly alluring right stuff. She was discovered by the incomparable…

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Linda Morand, MAA Director of Iconic Model Division: Writer, Former Iconic Cover-girl and Haute Couture Mannequin, Actress, Fashion Archivist. After retiring from professional modeling to raise a family of four children, Morand stayed marginally active in the modeling industry. Currently, she is a journalist, beauty expert and maintains a non–profit website with the pictures and biographies…

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Joan Thompson

Linda Morand, Susan Camp, Bonnie Thomas, Alex Dayrell, “Vogue Spirit” “Model History” Dolores Hawkins, Willy van Rooy, Joan Thompson, “GeorgesDaughter”, “ModelBrat60s”, Terri Smith, Jaan Stephens, Susan Brainard,Kecia Nyman, Willy van Rooy, Mona Grant, Dorthe Holme, Ulla Anderson, Moyra Swan, Pat Evans and many more. miniMadMOD60s is a group of volunteer editors who have made it their…

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  FROM DIARY OF A MOD MODEL 1965 I married him on the Fourth of July 1964 and lived a fabulous year with him in Key West, Florida. He was a Junior Officer in the Navy stationed on a sub-marine tender, in the amazing tropical Paradise that was Key West in the Sixties.  He was brilliant with…

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MMM60s MODEL HEADSHEETS Data Base 25,000 images CLICK LINK     Top 60′s MODELS Agneta Darin Agneta Frieberg Alana Collins Alberta Tiburzi Ali MacGraw Andrea Dromm Andrea Rimaldi Angela Howard Angela MacDonald Anjelica Huston Ann Schaufuss

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miniMadMOD60s on FACEBOOK < If you are on Facebook we have a thriving community of Retro Mod pictures and stories. This is a Hub connecting websites and blogs. Our archives are informally organized into portfolios. The images have been  contributed to by many models of the era, as well as fans, family and archivists, It has…

The Top Vogue Models of All Time

Lauren Hutton

In the archives of miniMadMOD60s,com and, we feature almost all the top models of Vogue from those eras.  In the interest of Fashion History, here are the top models and links to their stories on Agyness Deyn Amber Valletta Angela Lindvall Arizona Muse Bettina Beverly Johnson Beverly Peele Carmen Kass Caroline Trentini Carolyn…

Remembering Wallis Franken


She started modeling at 16, when a neighbor in Briarcliff Manor, New York, J. Frederick Smith, showed pictures of her to Eileen Ford of the Ford modeling agency. Wallis’s mother, Dorothy, had been a showroom model in New York, and was known in the suburban community as impeccable. “She never had a shabby moment,” says…

Ford Models of the Fifties


Ford Model Agency co-founder Gerard “Jerry” Ford would have celebrated his 86th birthday on October 2. In honor of his great contributions to the modeling industry, The Ford Girls article in the Summer 1950 Photography Workshop magazine has been updated.Along with larger and sharper scans, a new photo of 44 Ford models has been added. The number by each model corresponds to the numbered list in The Ford…

Colleen Corby and Lucy Angle 1969


 Colleen Corby & Lucy Angle ~ Models Without Makeup 1969     The skin care routines of Colleen Corby and Lucy Angle were featured in theModels Without Makeup beauty article in the September 1969 Seventeen magazine. Kourken Pakchanian was the photographer: Colleen Corby Lucy Angle The larger photo of Lucy was also the cover of the 1969 Seventeen Guide to Beautiful Skin booklet: Susan Camp  

Kecia Nyman Seventeen 1963


 NEW Kecia & Tamara Nyman April 1963 Seventeen   I was looking through my April 1963 Seventeen magazine for the Helena Rubinstein ad featuring Kecia Nyman and promoting the movie musical Bye Bye Birdie. I wanted to post a full-page version showing all the copy in the Ad Campaigns Album and a cropped version focusing on Kecia in her Headsheet Album. Here’s the entire page: Ad Campaigns Album: Helena…

Veruschka – The Artist Who Modeled for a Few Years


The Artist who Modeled For a Few Years 17AUG   As a young woman, I was fortunate to meet Veruschka three times.   Every time it was like being in the presence of someone very special. The first time was in Rome in 1969. She was legendary having appeared in countless spreads in Vogue and every top fashion magazine, as well as having…

Winkie Donovan – Quirky Teenage Model

Winky Donovan

18-year-old Winkie Donovan was a freshman at Barnard when she shared her daytime and evening makeup tips in the November 1965 Mademoiselle magazine. George Barkentin was the photographer:

Historical Elizabeth Arden Ads

Anne Turkel 1974

NEW Elizabeth Arden ads from 1932 to 1974 have recently been posted in various 60s Ad Campaigns Albums: 1932 1946 Mary Jane Russell 1953 Contributed by Bonnie Thomas Agneta Frieberg 1964       Ann Turkel 1974 Ann Turkel 1974

Wallis Franken – A Breath of Fresh Air


Wallis Franken was among the first Ford models to sport one of Vidal Sassoon’s 60s-defining geometric haircuts. She was part of the trend started in 1965. Some of the new models were thinner, with dark, short hair which was a revolution in the modeling business.  She started modeling at 16 when photographer, J. Frederick Smith, noticing Wallis’…

Fabulous Jewelry Bazaar 73


  Pam Suthern and Vicki Hilbert showed off fabulous jewelry presents for the holidays in the November 1973 Bazaar magazine. James Moore was the photographer: Pam Suthern Pam Suthern Vicki Hilbert Pam Suthern Pam Suthern

Pierre Cardin 1960s Space Age Designer

Linda Cardin

Pierre Cardin is an Italian-born French high fashion designer best known for his geometric avant-garde designs. In the 1960s his use of stark tunics, goggles and helmets launched the Space Age look. Cardin expanded into the automobile market in the early 70s and designed haute couture muscle car interiors. He now owns a chain of…

Patty Boyd – excerpt from her book

Patti on Cover of Italian Vogue

London In the 60′s London belonged to the young. All the old class structures of our parents’ generation were breaking down. All the old social mores were swept away. No one cared where you came from or what school you’d gone to, what accent you spoke with or how much money you had. All that…

The Look in 1961

Lucinda Hollingsworth

 Model History ~ 1961 Beauty Ads ~ Cutex – Revlon What were the newest trends in beauty products for 1961? Check out these ads from various 60s Ad Campaigns Albums. It’s also fun to see the popular fashions and hair styles from 50 years ago: Angela Howard Cutex Tamara Nyman Helena Rubinstein Sara Thom Max…

Early 60s Cover Girl Look


The early Sixties were a transitional period in which the trends were still influenced by the Dior New Look inspired fashions of full skirts, nipped in waists and shirtwaist dresses. Make up changed too, deemphasizing the cats eye look. Models wore discrete false eyelashes, not the exaggerated style as worn by Jean Shrimton, Benedetta Barzini,…

Sunny Griffin Best Dressed College Girl 1962


In her senior year at Hood College in Maryland, Sunny Griffin was chosen one ofGlamour’s 10 Best-Dressed College Girls in America. The winners were profiled in the August 1962 Glamour magazine. Sunny comments, This is how it all began! Sunny is fourth from the left Photographer: Howell Conant Sunny & Alex Knoll Photographer: Frank Horvat Photographer: Frank Horvat Four months later, Sunny was also featured in the December…

Susan Dey – The Partridge Family


Popular teen model Susan Dey was chosen to play the older daughter Laurie. Almost a year earlier, Susan was featured on the cover of American Girlmagazine: December 1969 In the September 1970 American Girl magazine, Susan gave an interview about her “new” TV show: Here’s the direct link to Susan Dey’s Portfolio Album:

Historic Debut: Candice Bergen and Betsey Johnson 1964


1964 College Co-eds Candice Bergen & Betsey Johnson Two college co-eds who would each go on to have much success and fame in their respective careers were featured in the August 1964 Mademoiselle magazine. While attending the University of Pennsylvania (’67), model-turned-actressCandice Bergen was the cover girl and appeared in a beauty editorial: Photographer: Gosta Peterson Photographer: Louis Faurer    …

Rene Russo Revlon Ads


NEW Revlon ads featuring Rene Russo have been posted in the 60s Ad Campaigns Album: Revlon Album (1960s-1970s): 1974 1974 1977  

Role Mode l- Jacqueline Kennedy


Everyone was talking about the Jacqueline Kennedy Look…straight jackets, sleeveless dresses, pillbox hats, pumps with medium heels, gently flowing coats, and bulky sweaters over slim pants. It is simple lines, bright colors (and pastels) bouffant hairdos, wide set eyes and an elegant high fashion figure. Here are some of the many covers featuring Jacqueline Kennedy….

“Pink Is For Girls” ~ 1960s Lustre-Creme Ads


 “Pink Is For Girls” ~ 1960s Lustre-Creme Ads Throughout the 1950s, ad campaigns for Lustre-Creme Shampoo featured Hollywood stars promoting their latest films. Marilyn Monroe was a famous example: 1953Keeping in step with the changing trends of the 1960s, Lustre-Creme Shampoounveiled their new Pink Is For Girls ad campaign in 1967. Psychedelic, hot pink backgrounds and popular, young fashion models were now the successful…

Betsy Cameron Model and Author


Betsy Cameron was a popular Ford model throughout the 1970s : Photographer: Carmen Schiavone In the late 1970s, Betsy added a second career as a professional photographer. In her book, Lisanne: A Young Model (Clarkson N. Potter, 1979), the model-turned-photographer recorded the day-to-day life of 14-year-old Lisanne Falkafter she signed with Ford Models: In 1987, Betsy created a best-selling poster entitled Two Children: Betsy continues her successful career as a…

Jean Shrimpton The World’s Favorite Model


PICTORIAL Jean Shrimpton was featured on the cover and in a 4-page article in the May 10, 1965 Newsweek magazine. In the last page of the article, three young models are named as possible successors to Jean Shrimpton. Susan Murray, Jennifer O’Neill and Colleen Corby each have extensive Portfolio Albums in the Gallery. Here are three of their magazine covers from 1965: Susan Murray: April 1965 British Vogue Magazine Jennifer…

Paris Planning Agency

miniMad Mods

From Mod ala Mode – Diary of a Model In the mid summer of 1966 I was having a lot of fun.  I was an art student, studying fashion illustration  in New York City.  Because I was so tall and thin, people were constantly encouraging me to try to be a model.  I did not…

Paris in the 70′s

`   After a long, hot and sparkling summer in Ibiza I asked Wedigo to take a few shots of me with the rustic background of our finca, which was an adobe brick house we had rented for the summer.  I had not cut my little short hairdo in three months and it was growing…

Jennifer Brice – Fairytale Career


by Linda Morand Jennifer Brice Glamour touched Jennifer Brice’s life even before she was born. “It all began when my mother was pregnant with me and one evening she went to the movies with her sisters in 1954″. Jennifer told MMM60s in a recent interview. “She didn’t have a name for me yet. After she saw the…

Veruschka – Her Fabulous Book with David Wills


Veruschka, the Russian born supermodel of the 60’s, has teamed with author David Wills to write a book about her life and career. Veruschka, born Vera von Lehndorff, was born into a wealthy family in 1939. Her father was a German count and her mother a countess. However, since the age of five, Veruschka’s life…

Jean Patou Paris Designer


One of my first modeling jobs in Paris was to walk the runway for Jean Patou. The clothes were structured, but not as far out as the designs by Cardin. I was given a beautiful evening cape that was much too sophisticated for me at the time. I wish I had it now. CLICK ANY…

Cover Girls of the Sixties


Some of the top models of the Sixties.  Scoring a Cover Girl ad was a sure guarantee of a successful career.  Here are some of the great ones from 1960- 1975 Click to enlarge and see the names        

Lauren Hutton Supermodel of the Seventies


Lauren Hutton’s Magazine Covers MMM60s SPECIAL FEATURES  :: Legendary Sixties Models :: 60s Models :: LAUREN HUTTON – Click Here Lauren Hutton’s Magazine Covers Lauren Hutton’s Portfolio Album has been completed. Here are a few of her international Vogue magazine covers: January 1968 American Vogue August 1968 Italian Vogue April 1969 Australian Vogue September 1970 British Vogue 2006 Spanish…

Jean Patchett. Wonderful Website

55Revlon3 This is the official website dedicated to Jean Patchett, Iconic Vogue Model, whose face and figure defined fashion during the highly glamourous era of the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s. The Jean Patchett Tribute is a collaboration of the Patchett & Auer Families.  Jean Patchett’s daughter, Amy Auer and cousin, Daniel Patchett; present in…



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Model History


Model History Legendary model agency owner, Eileen Ford went to Europe seeking beautiful and interesting girls.American girls were sent to Paris, resulting in intriguing lifestyles, traveling all over Europe on exotic bookings for magazines and catalogues. New York was full of beautiful models from Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Holland. Then came the British Invasion Jean…

Mod 60s Forum


Stories, interviews, pictures.  Hosted by Linda Morand miniMadMOD60s Forum Founded 2006 on MSN and 2008 on Forum5. Hundreds of links and stories about the models of the Sixties. Also featuring Top Models of the Fifties and Seventies

Betsey Johnson


Linda Morand on Mademoiselle, Betsey Johnson, Gosta Petersen and Arthur Elgort. I had a couple of years experience in the modeling world of the Sixties.  The things I saw, the creativity I experienced and the people I met left an indelible impression on me. I never forgot the beautiful faces of my fellow models and those who…

Ford Agency 1966


  Every once in a while, the Ford’s said, they have to hire a model because she resembles some celebrity. that has caught the eye of the American public. Lauren Bacall was the first such celebrity. Jacqueline Kennedy is the latest. Eileen Ford’s Newest Discovery Linda Morand      

The Chic Cult

The Chic Cult Syndicated Article by Mariane Christy: Jacqueline  Kennedy Onassis and Linda Morand recently met at that chic  New York ”dive” where Lost Weekend was filmed: P.J.Clarke’s and the two eyed each other suspiciously. There was every reason for the prolonged glance of cool appraisal. The two are look-alikes 21-year-old Linda Morand being the younger, prettier version.  Linda, a…

The Feral Housewife

“Armed only with a sharp pair of embroidery scissors and a glue stick, Mary Beth, a.k.a. the Feral Housewife has set out to liberate women from every walk of life; alive or deceased, real or imagined. She is on an endless hunt for vintage magazines for her work, favoring those from the 1920s to the…

Willy van Rooy

One great model of the Sixties and Seventies is Willy van Rooy. She was a muse to Yve St. Laurent and David Bailey. Newton loved her sultry Dietrich mystery. She inspired many classic photo shoots which have been preserved by miniMadMOD60s, with the cooperation of Ms. van Rooy. Video (click link) Willy van Rooy: Modeling Career…

Link to Headsheets

Top 60′s MODELS Agneta Darin Agneta Frieberg Alana Collins Alberta Tiburzi Ali MacGraw Andrea Dromm Andrea Rimaldi Angela Howard Angela MacDonald Anjelica Huston Ann Schaufuss Ann Turkel Anne Charlotte Anne de Zogheb Anne Hollbrook Anne Larson Anne Powers Anne Rebot Anne St. Marie Antonia Apollonia Arlene Kinney Astrid Heeren Astrid Schiller Audrey Sedor Aurore Clement…

60s Modeling

Being plunged into such a sophisticated society as the international fashion world was a bit overwhelming for teenagers from the USA. Each of us dealt with it as best we could. I went a different route than many because I got involved with the aristocrats and the literary set, by accident really, not by design. Most models dated photographers and sometimes together they made a great creative team. I never really got involved with a photographer, although I found some very attractive. I did like Arthur Elgort, but it was not to be. It’s a funny story and I will tell it later.

Ulla Bomser

[slideshow] The unique face of Ulla Bomser was everywhere during 1965-1968 and after. She was a Danish import, discovered by Eileen Ford and invited to come to New York. Ulla was one of the first models to sport a Vidal Sassoon haircut, which made her stand out amongst the other gorgeous Scandinavian models taking New…

Clairol Models

“Is it true blondes have more fun? “Does she or doesn’t she?  Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” Clairol was a top employer of Sixties Super Models and used only the best.  Here are some of the most popular and successful models. You can see them in this slide show.  Their names appear in the…

Paris in the 60s

Modeling in Paris In the mid summer of 1966 I was having a lot of fun. I was an art student, studying fashion illustration in New York City. Because I was so tall and thin, people were constantly encouraging me to try to be a model. I did not think I had a chance, but…

Willy van Rooy

One great model of the Sixties and Seventies  is Willy van Rooy.  She was a muse to Yve St. Laurent and David Bailey.  Newton loved her  sultry Dietrich mystery.  She inspired many classic photo shoots which have been preserved by miniMadMOD60s, with the cooperation of Ms. van Rooy. [youtube=] WILLY VAN ROOY’S BLOG  Willy is…

Eileen Ford


 Eileen Ford and Swedish Models ~ 1951  Very rare early photographs of legendary model agency mogul Eileen Ford and Swedish actress, Anita Ekberg, who began her career as a Ford Model.  Eileen gave modeling tips to 20-year-old Miss Sweden Anita Ekberg: October 8, 1951 Life Magazine1970 Many times a year, Eileen Ford would travel throughout Europe for the Ford Model Agency, looking for…

Modeling 60s


Magazines shaped our lives in the Sixties. Before there was an Internet and cable TV the best way to find out what was going on in the world was by reading magazines.  Growing up in the Fifties and Sixties,most Boomer girls looked at the magazines their parents read.  They would see the glamorous image of…