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    This Gallery seems to be very slow.

    All the pictures from MMM60s/MSN are
    there. There are almost 15,000 photos in
    almost 400 albums.

    They can be viewed and saved. Now we are
    on what is called a shared server, but we
    will need to get a DEDICATED SERVER to
    make this gallery work as quickly as we like.
    Right now, we are working on getting
    sponsors to pay for this.

    If you experience problems email and (tech support)

    60s Super Models Main Data Base

    This is the MAIN DATA BASE. It contains
    almost 15,000 pictures in about 400
    albums. These pictures have been collected
    from all over the world in about three years.
    Other albums with these models' names
    exist in the "Post Model Pictures" album.
    Only Managing Editors can edit these
    albums because we cannot afford to risk
    losing any pictures through error of
    deliberate deletion.

    Any Senior Editor or Managing Editor  may
    go into any album here and replicate any or
    all of the photos. You can place them in the  
    "Post Models Pictures" album or in your own
    album or sub-albums. We hope you will be
    able to add information about the dates
    and other details.

    MODEL PICTURES HERE" album. They will be
    replicated in the Main Data Base. POST

    How you can help. This is the most
    important album of the Galleries. It is here
    that we will replicate the pictures that are
    now in "60s Super Models Main Database"
    If you upload or place a photo into this
    album, please be sure that it is a jpeg and
    that you type all relevant information such
    as date and publication.

    We encourage all Users and Senior Editors
    to experiment with these functions. We
    welcome your FEEDBACK. Please be patient
    while we try to iron out the kinks.

    Any suggestions, or critiques are very
    welcome. I will continue to add new
    interviews and stories to the website.
    Linda Morand

    Gallery Rules

    All Registered Members may view and add photos
    to most of the albums plus read and add comments.
    Senior editors may do more:

    Here is how the albums work.  
    The commands are on the left hand column.

    « album actions »

    Add Album: If you find a model who deserves
    an album you can create one.

    Add Comment: The model or another member
    can talk about the photo.

    Add Items: (this means add pictures)

    Delete Album: Albums can only be deleted by
    Managing Editors

    Delete Items: This means delete photos.
    Please use this option VERY Carefully.

    Edit Album: This allows you to write a
    description album under "Description"

    Replicate: This allows you to put a copy of the
    photo in another album.

    Edit Captions: This allows you to give the
    photo a title.

    Make Highlight: This makes the selected
    photo the main thumbnail for the album.

    Move Album: This allows you to move the item
    to another album. Use with care.

    Rearrange Items: This allows you to
    rearrange the photos (items)

    Reorder Items: Another option to rearrange
    the photos.(items)

    View Latest Comments: This allows you to
    read what other members have said about
    the photo.

    VERY IMPORTANT: jpegs only! Files named like
    this Agneta_Glamour_May_1964.

    Only alphanumeric characters and
    underscores. No dashes commas asterisk or
    anything else. It messes up the database.
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